Business law is a very broad concept that can reach across
many areas of legal practice.


Areas of practice can include: agency; transportation; admiralty; insurance; contracts; employment and hiring practices; occupational safety; corporations, partnerships, and other business entities; federal, state, and local taxation; and the manufacture and sale of consumer goods.

Given the vast array of legal concepts that encompass the term “business law,” it is understandably rare to find a single firm that concentrates their practice in all areas. It is more likely that a firm will be familiar with the most common aspects of business law, thereby serving the majority of their client’s business needs. At Ourednik Law Offices, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of many of the most utilized areas of business law, some of which include:

Business Law Services

Business Formation business law services


There are numerous business law issues that surround the formation, governance and succession of a company. Initially, it is important to select the right kind of entity for the circumstances.

For example, a large corporate model is often ineffective in meeting the organizational or taxation needs of most small businesses. Partnership or limited liability company entity structures are usually better suited for small businesses.

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Business Litigation business law services


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a business dispute arises that cannot be solved through friendly negotiation. When these problems arise, business litigation serve as an effective way to remedy the situation.

Whether you are a private individual or a business disputing a legal issue with another entity, a good business litigation attorney can be invaluable in protecting your rights and your company’s business interests.

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Business Succession business law services


A comprehensive legal strategy is essential to any successful business succession plan.

Whether your goals include security for your family, confidence in retirement, or to establish a lasting legacy, it is imperative that you speak with a qualified business succession expert prior to executing your transition strategy.

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Business Succession business law services


Compensation arrangements are another area of the law that affect many businesses.

For example, an individual who financially supports a spouse, child, or parent may qualify for protection from garnishment by creditors under the Florida Statutes. However, this protection is not automatic and the right to head of household treatment must often be shown in court.

Small business owners may have a particularly difficult time claiming head of household protection when there is little in the way of documentation to support their claim.

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Business Succession business law services


Nonprofit organizations are tax exempt businesses that are deemed to operate for the public benefit.

Generous individuals establish nonprofit organizations to advance a variety of causes such as those that are charitable, academic, scientific, artistic, or religious.

The federal government often recognizes the societal benefits of nonprofit organizations by allowing the nonprofit entity an exemption from income tax and allowing benefactors of the nonprofit entity to deduct their donations from their taxable incomes.

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